“We’ve never had this kind of production before! It’s amazing the difference this product makes.

Everybody tells me these are the best tomatoes they’ve ever eaten.”

Pam, Barr Farms, MS

"We applied SumaGrow in the spring and the total gross production was an improvement over using basic Triple 13. The grass came out earlier, was thicker and greener than I have ever seen for this time of year.

For the first time the cows could not keep up with the growth and this year, we will have hay to cut from these fields."

Wesley, farmer, MS

OK... I admit I was a sceptic! I was looking to add more raised bed this year. But with your claim of possible 30% increase in harvest but thought I'd give SumaGrow a try. 

I not only increased my harvest 30+% but was able to harvest earlier. After treating my seedlings with SumaGrow it seemed they were less susceptible to transplant shock. My plants are so healthy! Even in my, so called "successful" seasons I have never grown so many tomatoes and peppers!

Bill, location unknown

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Pay More Attention to Soil Health

Pay More Attention to Soil Health

More consideration should be given to practices that will give long-term benefits to the soil which, in time, could reduce overall production costs.

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