What SumaGrow Microbials Can Do that Fertilizers Cannot.

Keeping a healthy balance of soil nutrients and a vibrant community of beneficial microorganisms needed to capture those nutrients are essential for successful cropping today and for ensuring global food security for future generations.
Unfortunately, the mechanics of growing crops, particularly industrial farming which dominates US food production, damage and destroy the very microorganisms that underpin plant growth and development.
For example, although nitrogen inputs are a major contributor to crop yields, nitrogen is also the limiting factor for the microbial community. Studies confirm that microorganisms are sensitive to nitrogen as it exhibits deleterious effects to their invisible underground habitats.
Healthy soil is balanced soil. Too much or too little of anything -nutrients, water, or even sunlight-is detrimental to the balance needed to grow productive, sustainable crops. A vibrant community of beneficial microorganisms are necessary for the nutrient exchange between plant and soil. 
So why add microorganisms to your growing regimes? What can SumaGrow microbials do that fertilizers cannot? 
The list is impressive. See below.
7 Benefits of SumaGrow Microbials
1. Improve fertilizer efficiency-Organic matter in SumaGrow helps the soil retain nutrients and makes them available for plants to uptake, and microbes in SumaGrow make nutrients available through nitrogen fixation and mineral solubilization.
2. Lower input costs-With the ability to retain and provide nutrients to plants more efficiently and by improving health of plant, SumaGrow helps growers save money on inputs by reducing the amount of chemicals and fertilizers necessary without sacrificing yield (actually increasing yield!).
3. Improve plant stress tolerance-Microbes in SumaGrow convey multiple benefits to plants by improving the health of plant and soil making them more resistant to deleterious effects from disease causing organisms and stress. 
4. Increase BRIX and end product quality-SumaGrow has demonstrated the ability to increase nutrient value in crops by increasing dissolved solids and reducing water activity in tissues which, and that will increase shelf life and improve taste of produce.
5. Improve water infiltration/reduce runoff-The organic matter in SumaGrow and from microbes improve the water and nutrient holding capacity of soil.
6. Increase soil organic matter-The organic carbon in humic acid and the microorganisms in SumaGrow along with their secretions build up the organic matter in soil.
7. Unlock bound nutrients for plant use-The microbial blend in SumaGrow secrete enzymes and organic acids that breakdown nutrient containing organic matter, solubilize bound phosphorus and potassium, and convert atmospheric nitrogen form that can be used by plants.
SumaGrow microbial technology has demonstrated the unique ability to help maintain the necessary balance of chemistry and biology in the soil system for increased crop performance. The routine application of SumaGrow microbes to the soil continually supplies powerful, beneficial microorganisms to the root zone of the plant. where they make  nutrients (chemical) available to the plant for optimum growth and development.
SumaGrow has been at the forefront of the microbial revolution for almost two decades. The explosion of interest in beneficial microbes for food production is exciting and portends a future when agriculture is more balanced and is less reliant on chemicals.
Won't you join us on our adventure?