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Liquid Microbial Soil Amendment especially designed for crop production. Microbes contained in SumaGrow are both environmentally responsible and user friendly, promoting plant and soil health. Products containing SumaGrow contain no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and support agricultural conservation and sustainable agriculture. 

Advantages and Benefits Include:

 Increased plant health leading to increased Brix (nutritional indicator) in foods grown, optimal crop performance, and better stress tolerance in droughts, transplants, and extreme temperatures

  • Improved land water infiltration and holding capacity leading to reduced irrigation needs
  • Improved fertilizer efficiency leading to reduced fertilizer usage, nutrient waste and pollution
  • Organic (OMRI listed products available)


     General Application Recommendations:

    One gallon of SumaGrow product will treat approximately one acre or 43,500 square feet depending on crop.

    • Easy to use liquid concentration.
    • Easy to apply directly to the soil above the root zone of the plant or foliar application (applying directly to the leaves of the plant).
    • Apply at the rate of 1 gal/acre diluted at a ratio of 1:32 to 1:20 (4-6 oz. /gal). 
    • If applying a foliar application, we recommend diluting at a ratio of 1:64 to 1:32 or 2 to 4 oz. per gallon of water depending on application frequency, crop and growing conditions.

    For best results:

    Apply first treatment at planting and second approximately three weeks after sprouting. Apply to moist ground early morning or late evening, avoiding hot sunny conditions, if possible. Follow with light watering to allow microbes maximum opportunity to become established. 

    Additional treatments may be applied on mature yields throughout season/year or at any other time during the growth stage. 

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